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  • Health Care with doTerra Grapefruit Essential Oil

    Posted on March 21, 2013 by in Remedies, Single Oils

    Grapefruit is a very effective antidepressant. It is very good for the lymphatic and immune system because it is refreshing and flavorful oil.

    doTerra Grapefruit Essential Oil is recommended for getting rid of gum inflation and it also freshens the breath.

    This essential has very strong disinfectant property, which means that it can be used for cleaning vegetables and fruits.

    doTerra Grapefruit Essential Oil is also used for weight loss program and also for scalp treatment.

    For treating loose skin or for ageing, this oil is also very beneficial. You can also treat flu and cold through this oil.

    Rutaceae is the botanical family of the doTerra Grapefruit Essential Oil which is obtained from peeling the fruit from its trees based in the United Sates.

    For get rid of allergies and diarrhea, mix and drink five drops of this oil into juice or water.

    For getting rid of gum problem or freshening the breath, mix the oil into water and gargle.

    For detoxifying and stimulating the lymph node, one can do lymphatic massage for flu or cold symptoms.

    For dandruff and scalp problem, add five percent of oil in a conditioner or shampoo and leave it for ten minutes.

    For washing fruits and vegetables, in a bowl of water mix few drops of oil.

    To get rid of fungus, virus and bacteria, make a spritz and use it in on meats, cars and on the bed sheets.

    For killing pathogens and building strong immune system, diffuse doTerra Grapefruit Essential Oil.

    To disinfect the toothbrush, add few drops of oil in a glass of water and place the brush overnight in it.

    One can also disinfect the kitchen board and other cutting surfaces. To inhibit the appetite before the meals, use tissue cup for inhaling the oil.

    For skin conditioning, use topically by diluting 8 percent of the oil with your skin products.

    This essential oil may react with ultra-violet rays or sunlight, so don’t expose the skin for at least six hours after application.

    It has been mentioned that the prescription drugs should not be taken along with Grapefruit because of the presence of compound naringin found in it but doTerra Grapefruit Essential Oil does not have this compound, if you are not sure than don’t use it internally but this essential oil is safe even with prescribed medicines.


    doTerra Grapefruit Essential Oil has following properties: disinfectant, antiseptic, anti-depressant and diuretic.

    doTerra Grapefruit Essential Oil is great for disinfecting the living area and it is useful during flu/cold season.

    doTerra Grapefruit Essential Oil is useful for weight loss, depression, acne, constipation, skin care, flu and cold.

    So why wait, right now buy doTerra Grapefruit essential oil.

    If you have already used doTerra Grapefruit essential oil than let us know your views.

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