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  • Say Bye-Bye to your PMS Cramps, Use doTerra’s Solace Blend

    Posted on April 20, 2013 by in Testimonials

    Hello, this is Megan from Illinois.

    Are you suffering from PMS Cramps? Are you looking for the best remedy for your PMS Cramps? If yes then I believe your search for the best remedy for your PMS Cramps is right now going to end.

    Have you ever found a natural way to get relief from your PMS Cramps? If not then I will tell you. PMS Cramps can be the worst.

    For years, I was suffering due to the deadly PMS Cramps but not anymore. I am a marketing professional and my job involves lots of traveling. Once on a business tour, I met a woman named Stacy in the hotel where I was put up by my company. I had very severe PMS Cramps while having dinner at the restaurant, Stacy saw me in pain and asked me about it.

    Stacy was a business associate of doTerra, so she had a recommendation for my problem. She told me about the benefits of doTerra’s Solace Blend. At first, I thought being a business associate of doTerra she was just trying to sell the product. Before leaving the restaurant, I told Stacy that I will definitely try the Solace blend.

    I again had serious PMS Cramps the next day and luckily I met Stacy again because she was staying close to my room. She asked how I was feeling and let me borrow the Solace blend which she was using for PMS Cramps.

    After using the doTerra’s Solace Blend, the severe PMS cramps which I had vanished in just a few seconds. From that day, I am using doTerra’s Solace Blend for my PMS cramps. It’s been 3 years, I never get those deadly PMS cramps anymore thanks to doTerra’s Solace Blend.

    Every female out there, you should use doTerra’s Solace Blend for your PMS cramps without having any doubt in your mind. Take my word, it helps immensely. I feel really bad for women that do not know about this oil blend.

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