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  • Get rid of Shoulder fracture, Use doTerra essential oils

    Posted on April 26, 2013 by in Testimonials

    I am Torres from New York. While exercising at home I hurt my right shoulder very badly. The pain was very severe that’s why my wife immediately took me to a doctor. The doctor did various tests to determine the extent of injury. The doctor told me it was a fracture. The doctor told me that a surgery was essential to rectify the fractured shoulder.

    I wanted to avoid the surgery so I thought of taking a second opinion from a reputed orthopedic surgeon but that surgeon was out of town for a week. Till then on advice of a family friend I started using doTerra essential oils.

    I used several oils for my fractured right shoulder. For repairing the muscles, I used marjoram essential oil. For killing pain, I used wintergreen essential oil. For ligaments, I used lemongrass essential oil. For emotions and grounding, I used the Balance oil blend. For bathing, I used cypress and lavender essential oils. For healing the tissues, I used Deep Blue and helichrysum essential oil. To keep myself upbeat, I had diffused citrus bliss, elevation and frankincense oils.

    After a week when I went to the orthopedic surgeon, he saw the results of the tests already done and looking at them he also said surgery was required but since the tests were done 7 days back he wanted to again check the extent of fracture in the shoulder, so he again did various tests and to his surprise he said there was no need for surgery. I immediately knew that it was the miracle of doTerra essential oils.

    In the next 2 weeks, I kept using various doTerra essential oils. After that the doctor confirmed that my shoulder was fine. After some physical therapy, my arm was rocking as usual.

    It’s been an incredible experience. Thanks doTerra for the care. God Bless.

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