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  • Remove Wart Naturally, Use doTerra’s Essential Oils

    Posted on April 29, 2013 by in doTERRA Blends, Remedies, Single Oils, Testimonials

    The effectiveness of essential oils varies from one individual to another and it also depends on the type of wart. To know which essential oil is effective for you, you should do some testing or experimentation.

    In some cases, in just few days wart might disintegrate with application of essential oil while in some cases, the time taken to eliminate the wart by the essential oil might be more.

    To get rid of wart, apply one drop of doTerra essential oil on it, two times a day. In sensitive areas, use carrier oil along with the doTerra essential oil. You can use olive or coconut oil as carrier oil.

    The most effective doTerra’s essential oils/blends for eliminating wart are On Guard, Frankincense, Oregano and Lemon.

    The essential oil should be applied continuously till the wart gets eradicated. Keep applying the oil for at least 14 days even after the wart get eradicated because beneath the skin there is always a large mass of unseen tumor which has to be cleaned off.

    In some cases, you might feel that the wart is growing even after application of the essential oil but the fact is that the oil starts working from inside and then the outside mass gets eliminated with time.

    For removal of wart, you can also use doTerra’s essential oils/blends like Thyme, Melaleuca and Basil. These oils are anti-viral.

    So don’t wait, right now order doTerra’s essential oils/blends for removal of wart from your body.


    Real life experiences:

    1) Hi, I am Shawn from Florida. My brother had problem of wart during his school life. The warts had gradually gone as he shifted out of Florida for his graduate degree course. After four years, when he came back after graduating the warts had reappeared. He had some surgical procedure for removal of warts but the warts came back again. My brother was depressed because his girlfriend didn’t like the warts on his body.

    I was also concerned about my brother’s problem so once while browsing the internet I came across doTerra’s website, on which, I read the effectiveness of doTerra’s frankincense essential oil for wart.

    I immediately ordered doTerra’s frankincense essential oil for my brother because it was natural. I told my brother to apply one drop of doTerra’s frankincense essential oil on the warts. He applied the oil thrice a day. Believe me in just 1 week all the warts from his body had gone. I told him to continue applying the oil for 12 more days, so that all the tumor mass beneath the skin also gets eradicated. Thanks doTerra, it’s been 4 years since then there is no trace of warts on my brother’s body.

    So if you have wart, trust doTerra’s frankincense essential oil because it is natural and it works very well.

    2) Hi, this is Cindy from Massachusetts. My daughter had warts on her left hand. My aunt being a user of doTerra’s essential oils told me to use the lemon essential oil for wart. She told me that doTerra’s oils and blends are safe for health and they are natural, so I ordered the doTerra’s lemon essential oil for my daughter. In just few days the warts from her left hand had disappeared. It was a miracle for me and my daughter. Thanks doTerra, Love You.

    3) I am Lisa from Arizona. My son had a large wart near his shoulder. I did take him to a doctor but the doctor said it would be very painful if the wart was burned off. Hearing of pain my son ran away. My son wanted to get rid of the wart but without any surgical process.

    My son’s friends always teased him whenever they saw the wart. He was depressed. My mother told me to apply one drop of doTerra’s OnGuard blend on the wart along with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation.

    I immediately ordered doTerra’s OnGuard blend and applied it to my sons wart, after application his skin started itching because I forgot to mix the blend with a carrier oil. Later on in the evening I mixed the OnGuard blend with olive oil and applied it on the wart, this time there was no itching.

    In just 7 days, the wart fell off. Now it’s been 4 years since then, my son didn’t get any wart. Thanks doTerra.

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