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  • Use doTerra’s Helichrysum Essential Oil for Healing Varicose Veins

    Posted on May 2, 2013 by in Testimonials

    Hi, this is Stacy from New Jersey. For more than 8 years, my husband had been suffering from the problem of Varicose Veins in both his legs. The entire family was very upset about his medical condition. At times it was difficult for him to walk. He could not go for a walk or for jogging in his shorts because the veins were clear visible and painful too. Life for him had become like a burden. Those people with the problem of varicose veins can only understand the plight of my husband.

    Once, while on a business trip, in a train, I came across a sales girl, who use to sell doTerra’s essential oils. I told her about my husband’s problem, she gave me doTerra Helichrysum essential oil.

    The sales girl told me to mix forty-five drops of doTerra Helichrysum essential oil in nine ounce of all-natural lotion base. She told me to apply this for seven weeks. When I came back from my business trip, I did exactly the same way the sales girl had instructed me. In seven weeks my husband’s legs had become normal, there was no trace of varicose veins in both his legs.

    I believe the sales girl was nothing but an angel who came to help me and my husband. Thanks doTerra for such a wonderful oil.

    Everyone out there having problem of varicose veins should definitely use doTerra Helichrysum essential oil because it’s really very effective.

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